Who am I? My name is Lisa.

I am a regular geek. My main interests:

  • Artificial Intelligence, especially Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.
  • Programming. I am familiar with C++, Python and Java, in order of preference. I have also used Qt extensively.
  • Algorithms and complexity theory.
  • Free software.
  • Recently, cryptography and cryptoanalysis.

I have been a regular GNU/Linux user since 2005. I am a contributor for Chakra Linux, an independent KDE-centric distribution. I am a senior packager, and I am one of the main developers for Akabei, the new package manager for the distribution. I am currently contributing to Calamares, the generic installer framework used by Chakra, among other distributions.

This website contains some work I have done during these years. The most important personal projects can be found on my Github repository. Some others can be found on Bitbucket, but I have plans to move everything to Github at some point.

My non-computer interests include reading fantasy and science-fiction, baking, physics, and logic or math puzzles.

Contact me at syn.shainer@gmail.com .