• Matasano crypto challenges: set 8

    Well, the time has come for me to start the 8th set of the crypto challenges. Actually I have one remaining challenge to complete in set 7. I have started the work and have a good idea of what I am supposed to do, but I find the actual implementation a bit boring, so I have set it aside for now. The basic idea, as explained in the challenge itself, is to perform a series of bitwise operations to tweak bits in a message. After enough tweaks, we should have a new message that has the same MD4 hash (with a given probability).


  • Anitya setup completed

    To recap:


  • Game theory (or what I am doing these days?)

    My previous efforts are grinding to a halt a bit. Reason? I have started studying Game Theory and I still haven’t managed to stop!


  • The packager manual (for Arch and derivatives)

    I have poor memory. One thing I have especially poor memory for is Unix commands and parameters. On top of that, I don’t do packaging often, so some less common commands escape my mind quickly. This post tries to address this problem by listing some of the commands I find both useful and hard to commit to memory.


  • Anitya for Chakra (with updates!)

    Anitya is a cross-distribution monitor for project releases, born and maintained by the Fedora project. It is a service where registered users can add projects to monitor for new releases. Anitya provides a dashboard that marks projects with new releases, and also announces them through messages over fedmsg, Fedora in-house messaging system. It supports all popular coding hosting services.


  • Multiplying hash collisions

    Turns out that for some hash functions, finding a collision is easy and fun, but multiplying your collision into a full disaster is even better!


  • Implementing the CRIME attack

    I have just completed challenge 51 of the Matasano crypto challenges, which is modeled on the CRIME attack. Let’s talk about how it works!


  • Chakra 2017

    The Chakra community has published a review of 2016, with a list of propositions for 2017.


  • New Jekyll version

    I managed to accidentally break my website, meaning I could not push any change because Github Pages refused to build it.


  • A summary on online misinformation


    Not so long ago, I mentioned that I hate bad news and that I am planning to implement a clickbait classifier. But obviously bad news are not limited to articles with a clickbait title.


  • C++ and its errors

    So while I was developing Cookbook the compiler threw me this error which I don’t remember ever seeing before:


  • New personal projects

    These days I am just bursting with ideas :) so let’s talk about some new projects going around my mind.


  • Updates on Chakra development

    After returning from the Chakra meeting I felt more motivated than ever, and we have many many ideas to put into practice. So let’s talk about what the Chakra developers are up to these days.


  • Mersenne Twister part 2

    Mersenne Twister is one of the most popularly used random number generators. It is even present in the C++ standard library ( Let’s see how it works!


  • Mersenne Twister, part 1: a primer on PRNGs

    Another post sponsored by the Matasano Crypto Challenges. Today I am looking back at older challenges, and at the interesting world of pseudo-random number generators, or PRNGs.


  • DSA (Digital Signature Algorithm): overview and implementation

    Thanks to the Matasano crypto challenges, I have had the opportunity to look at DSA more closely. In this post I am going to present the algorithm, demonstrate it works, show an implementation in Python and the vulnerabilities I have discovered through the challenges.


  • Chakra Shindig 2016: a personal report

    Presentation time

    My name is Lisa, known online as shainer. I joined the Chakra team in 2011 as a developer. I interrupted my contribution in the team at the end of 2013, and joined again at the beginning of 2016.


  • Calamares news

    Metaphor of all software development: I keep trying to add features to a project, only to uncover bugs that need to be solved before I can go on :D


  • Welcome!

    Welcome to my new website [...]

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