This page contains a few tutorials I have written over the years. Please note that some of them may be obsolete by now.

  • PyQt: tutorial in Italian to use the PyQt library. The link redirects to the website, where the guide is hosted.
  • Flex: introduction to writing basic scanners with Flex.
  • The Git Handbook: handbook on Git, hosted on my account on Gitbook. This guide is aimed at people looking for a short and easy overview of the most popular features of Git, or people looking for a reference for common procedures.
  • Matasano walkthrough: in 2016 I have started solving the Matasano crypto challenges. I have not finished yet; the solutions are public on Github. This book will contain a walkthrough of all the public challenges, explaining the theory necessary to understand why something works in a certain way. The book, as the solutions, is work-in-progress.

Contributions and feedback to any of this are welcome; for guides hosted on Gitbook you can use Gitbook directly to contribute.