To recap:

  • I can run an Anitya instance on virtualenv. This is enough for my personal use. If we decide to run an instance on the Chakra server, I will try running with docker too.
  • The RPM library has been made optional; an emulator is available.
  • I wrote The GitLab hotness. This small application waits for new messages on fedmsg, and when the message concerns a package update, it files a new bug assigned to me on the Chakra Gitlab instance.

I still need to do an end-to-end test to make sure everything is connected properly, but that should be easy.

The new script also needs to be improved; I want to be able to recognize the right project to add the bug to, based on which repository the package is hosted on at the moment. For the moment I am just using the same one regardless.

Thanks to the team for being responsive to my queries and solve the problems I reported. I don’t think I will talk about this again, given that the bulk of the work is done.