Among way more serious topics, there is something trivial I want to share with the world: I officially changed my default shell to fish.

Why? The autosuggestion features are way more user-friendly. While you are typing a command, you can see a suggestion for the rest of the command, options or files form to the right of your cursor, based on your recent history. Multiple suggestions are easy to browse and select should the first one not be the right one for you. Moreover, completions are derived from the manpages installed on your system, so you get the most useful ones out of the box; by looking atthe repository I believe it is also possible to add more completions if the manpage does not contain everything. Default colouring is nice too.

Fish comes with its own scripting language; I don’t plan to write any Fish script right now, so I haven’t looked at that at all.

For Chakra Linux users, I packaged fish in [desktop], and I plan to keep an eye on new releases to update it regularly.