These days I am just bursting with ideas :) so let’s talk about some new projects going around my mind.


I enjoy cooking, especially cookies, cakes and pastries. One year ago or so I started a Google Document with all the recipes I have ever tried, and recipes that I want to try someday.

The problem? This document is now huge. The table of contents alone fills the first 5 pages, and the total size is around 60 pages. So I have decided I need advanced technology. I have looked around for existing software, but I was not satisfied: KRecipes had several bugs in the creation of categories that made the feature unusable, and others I was not able to start on a standard Chakra installation.

I considered forking KRecipes, fixing the bugs, and extending it, but then decided to just have fun and start my own project.

Cookbook, as it will be named, is going to be written in C++ and Qt5. It is going to be a nice opportunity to refresh my experience with Qt5 and CMake. I have not created a Github repo yet, but I will as soon as I have a minimal product.

A sneak peek on the set of features I am planning:

  • attach custom categories, or tags to recipes.
  • export the recipe set in a sqlite database, and upload to common storage services (Dropbox, Google Drive, …).
  • search recipes by tag or by ingredient.
  • attach a picture to recipes.

Machine learning for clickbaits

I have recently read two interesting articles about handling clickbait articles using Machine Learning: one talks about detection, while the other talks about generation. I also followed a presentation on the subject at the Grace Hopper Conference in 2015.

My own background is in Natural Language Processing. I also hate bad news articles :-)

So I am thinking of doing something in this area. Not sure what exactly. I also want to look at TensorFlow. I might find a paper and try to reproduce the results (as I did for my Semantic Similarity university project), or put together my own dumb classifier, or work with somebody else. I’ll post more details when I start something :-)


I want to learn Rust. I also need a nice little project I can develop to get my hands dirty, or some under development library I can contribute to. I am still searching for a good idea, ideally related to cryptography.